Alternative Christmas Gifts

If you feel like you have everything you need and want to give a gift that lends itself more to the spirit of Christmas then you’re in the same Ark as I am. But what to buy… what to buy. There are plenty of charities out there who want your money but who will actually do as they advertise with it? Is there some ridiculous cut for administration that you are paying somewhere along the way?

We’ve been talking about buying a goat for a 3rd World Family and this site is helping me and my family make our decision. It’s based in the UK but I imagine it applies to my giving too. Of course goat buying isn’t completely controversy-free… will the goats eat everything in sight and promote desertification in susceptible parts of the world? That may be an exaggeration but it is something to think about.

These profiles help you compare the various options (including an amount specified for what percentage of your money actually goes to charity:
World Vision
Save the Children

In terms of cost this WorldVision site (Canadian) has a goat for $100 whereas Oxfam Canada has one for $58.

I’m going to have to do some more research!


1 thought on “Alternative Christmas Gifts”

  1. check out ten thousand villages. Their programs are brilliant and varied. I got a goat for Christmas for a family in Africa. Got to put a goat ornament on my tree. Way cool!

    Cherie Hanson

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