Edward Scissorhands

I watched Edward Scissorhands last night as my wife purchased the DVD. This has to have been my third or fourth time watching this Tim Burton masterpiece.
I just love this piece of modern mythology as it juxtaposes modern suburban life (admittedly skewed to a ridiculous degree with the pastel colours) with the gothic strange of the Inventor’s (Vincent Price’s) World and Creation (Edward). It is amazing how the niceness of society can be such as glossy veneer over ugliness (Joyce and Jim and even Wynona’s character Kim at first) and vice versa (Edward and even Officer Allen in a funny way). About the only consistent characters in the end are Kim’s mother Peg and father Bill (played brilliantly by Dianne Wiest and Alan Arkin) and Edward’s ‘father’ the Inventor. They are what they are!
It’s very interesting how Burton portrays the impossibility of love and yet shows just how it still exists and must exist if we are to survive. So even though Kim and Edward are parted, love, although perhaps not physical love, still goes on! Kim’s love goes on and so does Edward’s art… perhaps the only way he can express this love.

A wonderful movie and I’m proud to own it.

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