Uninstalling Microsoft Programs in Vista

The normal and best way to uninstall Microsoft Programs in Vista is to use the Control Panel, select Programs and then right click to uninstall them. But sometimes this doesn’t work and you need to go deeper and run the Installer program from the Run menu. And, if you’re hide bound like me, you may ask where the Run command disappeared to from the Start menu in Vista. Why did they want to change things anyway? But luckily not everything has changed. Simply click on the ‘Start’ icon and then type in Installer where it says “Start Search” or use the key combination WindowsKey-R (you can read it about it here).
Then you type ‘installer’ and click OK.
From the Windows Installer folder you can fiddle with View and Details if you have a lot installed. These will help you sort your installed programs (see if you need more details).
The point of doing the above is to get the path for the ‘msi’ file which was used when the program was installed. Then you can select that path and msi file name and use the following command in a new Run box:
msiexec.exe /x your_msi_path noremovespawn=1
and then click OK.
Hopefully a new patch for Vista will soon be out so complex procedures like the above will not be necessary. For those of us who must use Vista in the interim, especially in testing labs without connections to the internet, these instructions are useful though frustrating.

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