Shuffling Diaskun

Large mushroom tripods
cavort slowly
under the light of a moon.

This is what I wake to
in the wilderness
I say nothing
and watch not daring to give
myself away in my sleeping cave.

They are Diaskun
and in their native form
their large bodies semitransparent
and I have never seen the like
they are so shy
but not now
internal liquids glowing
in sharp reds, oranges and yellow.

Their dance mounts to a
staid frenzy and they form a ring
on two legs, their third arching out and forming
a large bulb in the centre
It pulses with their internal colours
once, twice and three times.

They freeze and I fall asleep
observing the dark and silent canopy.

I wake the next morning and they’re
gone. No sign that they’ve been.
Like a dream but I know what I’ve witnessed.
Something I feel is as rare as it is beautiful.

The mating dance of the Diaskun.

Paul Throntisk
Emily’s World Expedition


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