A Nero Wolfe Mystery

I picked up one of the DVDs from the first season of Nero Wolfe on a whim at the library and I’m trying to see them all. I need to see them all! I’ll be most upset if the library doesn’t have the 2nd season.
These episodes are good mystery viewing but they’re also excellent repertoire drama. The main characters are Nero Wolfe (a different role for Maury Chaykin) and Archie Goodwin (Timothy Hutton who is also the Executive Producer and the Director for 4 episodes). I’ll include Fritz Brenner (Colin Fox) too since he appears in almost all the episodes too as the wonderful Swiss cook. A fairly tight group of actors kept reappearing in the episodes, often in many different characters. It was filmed in Toronto.
This A&E mystery series which lasted two years (2001 and 2002) is, first and foremost, excellent period (late 1940’s) acting. The characterization of Rex Stout’s novella is superb. Maury Chaykin and Timothy Hutton really bring the characters alive in such a way that watching these episodes makes you laugh, groan and feel great admiration for them.
Most Satisfactory.
I must try to find The Golden Spiders too, the movie that spawned the series.


4 thoughts on “A Nero Wolfe Mystery”

  1. Hello Golbing. I echo your “Most Satisfactory.” I first caught the “Nero Wolfe” mysteries when they ran on A&E and I’m still outraged that the best show on television was canceled. All those stories that could have been adapted by Jaffe (Jaffe Braunstein Productions), Hutton, Chaykin, et al.

    If your library carries “Nero Wolfe – The Complete Classic Whodunit Series” (an eight disc set) you’ll find “The Golden Spiders” and a brief “The Making of Nero Wolfe” on that set.

    “The Golden Spiders” was good, but IMO the series was better. It’s very hard to pick a favorite, but “Over My Dead Body” and “Champagne For One” in Season One are two of mine, and “The Silent Speaker” and “Death of a Doxy” in Season Two are terrific.

  2. Thanks for the advice Carla. I’ve reserved The Golden Spiders at the library. They don’t have the 2nd season yet but I’ll certainly be asking them to get it in!

  3. I’ve since watched “The Golden Spiders” and, while interesting, I agree that the series is better. They don’t have the 2nd season at the library and that’s a mixed blessing since I’ll have something to look forward to.

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