Challenging Couple

Loudly sauntering
they make a much
greater wake upon the world
than us who are hard and
Their expressions jar me
but they must
feel so much more
so less inhibited
a couple.

Do they have marital problems?
Their squabbles?
With their faces so laughter prone?

They love their food
and feast so uncaringly
and wear favourite colours
not those decided by fashion

Her lipstick is so red
it is like a wound
and I stare

And they stop and argue at the door
when they see a friend
‘That’s Jeff.’
‘No that isn’t Jeff.’
‘It’s Jeff, look!’
‘You look. That’s not him.’

It isn’t Jeff.
They look at each
other silent
and go into the store.

That look
took less than the
time it took to open the door
but it was so large
so expansive

that I,
the voyeur,
am full of awe.



About tgrignon

I came I saw I rented the DVD
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