Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit

I watched an episode of Classic Albums on Nirvana’s Nevermind a little while back. This band isn’t usually my cup of tequila but this show was really interesting for the boys, Karen and I. Personally, I’m not a huge Kurt Cobain or Nirvana fan but I do like the sound of Smells like Teen Spirit if my eardrums aren’t bleeding after it.
Actually if you check out the link above and learn a little history about the band and this song in particular you might even enjoy the process. The origin of the name of the song is worth it! I had all kinds of ideas about what it meant but the truth is hilarious!
That isn’t covered in the episode but it does have some insights into Samuel Bayer‘s video that so revolutionized the industry after it. It also has great interviews with Krist Novoselic (bass player with the band 1987–1994) and Dave Grohl (drums 1990–1994) who both reveal interesting factoids. Krist looks anything but like the punk rocker he once was and admits that his Nirvana years were the most productive thing he has ever done although he has done some interesting political activism and he and Grohl both have had many other musical ventures since.


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