Wanton Ways

A while back I watched an episode of the Food Network’s Good Eats (one of my favourite cooking shows hosted by the always interesting and ever witty Alton Brown) called Wanton Ways. Alton convinced me about how easy it is to make potstickers. I tried them and they became an instant hit with the family. It is surprising how easy they are to make but be aware that they do take some prep time. Just put on a book-on-CD and make/cook the wantons while you listen. You get pretty fast after the first few.
I haven’t tried the Vegetarian Steamed Dumplings yet but am eager to try those good eats too.
If you haven’t watched an Alton show be sure to check him out. He digs into the history and practicalities of cooking: not just recipes you could never afford the time or money to make. Definitely good vids! If you can catch any of these episodes, don’t miss them:

But all episodes are fantastic.


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