Beowulf and Grendel

This movie has a very disjointed plot which is hard to follow and lacking in adequate direction. Perhaps that comes from using poetry as a source. It has been too long since I read the poem so I can’t really comment on how far it strays from the text.
There are compensations though. The stark and buffeted scenery of Iceland does give one pause. I also liked the portrayal of the not-so-murderous side of the troll Grendel. The witch Selma is acted by Sarah Polley; I would have liked to see more care put into the writing behind her character. Gerard Butler aka the Phantom played Beowulf and did a pretty good job. But I think the best acting was probably done by Iceland itself.
I am disappointed with this one: it could have been a lot better considering the hardship and difficulty gone through to make it. The special features are quite interesting and worth watching despite the film.


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