One Good Catch

Seeing it I marveled
at the chances
old TV tower rusted at
the base
near the lively

would groan and fall

in the
wind and rain and light show
of a sudden storm

fall narrow,
missing both houses,

unto the yellow fork
of a standing

the cable tautly
into its house

the antenna tilted
but suspended over
an unsuspecting
in the neighbour’s yard

this ancient technology
long given way to
more dependent cable
and soon the internet or
but didn’t break down
the fence
was caught in the trusty dead cedar
arms extended up
for the catch of
a pop fly

it presented itself
as evidence
if not luck,
then fortuitousness.

The nobility
of the catch
proving sturdy
the wisdom
of being left alone
in the out field
bark cracking
but heartwood still

waiting for just
this day

this chance
for one good catch.



4 thoughts on “One Good Catch”

  1. Wow you really did get inspired did you knot?

    Woodn’t you know that we are watched over by angels who even take care of the menial things such as rusted towers. And who looks after the unsprung flowers of spring? Angels, sprites , fairies or Nature ? These things too whisper of the wonder enveloping this blue-green orb of dust,wind,fire and water.

  2. I was inspired
    don’t you see
    as easy to tread
    one two tree

    I was as hard as oak
    as limber as aspen
    as dark as teak
    as gummy as pine

  3. On a further note, said tree has been rid of yon TV tower which has been grinded, sawsalled, hand-cut, kicked and bent into several 6 foot pieces. Nothing like the power of a Gene, Fabiana, Jamie, Ivan, John and even a rare appearance by someone we think was Randy Bachman to take care of business!

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