The Thief Lord

Conelia Funke’s The Thief Lord gets its teeth into you not because of the very illustrative depictions of Venice or the characteristic Funke magic woven into the tale near the end or the interesting situation of the runaways or even the complex and rich characters themselves. It is the wonderful relationships that Funke manages to build so quickly that ensnare you. The characters grow so much in the exploration of their interactions that you don’t want to leave them or be apart from them. You really begin to care for Prosper and Bo, Hornet, Scipio and the rest. Like the amazing Inkheart and almost as stellar Inkspell (both of which I attempted to review earlier), it’s very hard to part from this talented writer’s work. They are all excellent choices to read to kids 10-12 or beyond if they’ll let you.
I listen to her work, unabridged, on CD. Simon Jones did a wonderful job with The Thief Lord and is worth looking for in your library.
Here’s another review for your perusal.


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