As I rode home

As I rode home today in the 19 degree weather I felt wonderful in the splendour of what I’d call the first real day of Spring. It’s about time we had some warmth and blue skies after such cold.
Nearing home I pedaled past a young boy, probably about 5 or 6. He sported an incredibly radiant smile as he, on the sidewalk, stood astride his bike with both training wheels conspicuously raised. He joyously said “Hi! I’ve got a big boy bike too!”
Laughing in echo to his parents’ own laughing from their porch, I responded “You sure do!”

Sometimes you just get lucky. Lucky enough to hear a voice without cynicism, fear or anger. Just joy. Be careful not to miss it!


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One Response to As I rode home

  1. Gene says:

    God bless the children,
    All of them and all of them in all of us .

    Joy just to be ,
    Free from judgement of right or wrong,
    Simply discovery ,
    How good it is to belong
    To be missed
    To love and be loved
    As He loved me.

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