USB Key stops working on XP

Solving this issue took me longer than I like to admit. I use various USB keys or flash drives all the time: these are the new floppy after all. But every now and then I want to transfer from one key to another. On some systems, however, the 2nd key would not show up with a Drive letter in XP. Even after unplugging both keys and then putting the 2nd key in, it still wouldn’t work. And then that 2nd key wouldn’t work from then on. At first I thought there was something wrong with the USB key. But I finally realized that this was linked to having put both keys in. The drive I normally get with the key is “F” and I had the “G” drive mapped to something else. So when I put a second key in it would give it “G” but that was already spoken for. I did some searching online and finally found someone who had had the same problem and the solution. So it was an Operating System bug after all.
Here’s the workaround: Click on Administrative Tools in the Control Panel and then Computer Management. Under Storage select Disk Management. Select the Volume in the upper window and change the drive letter back to F.
Problem solved. Now what do I do with all these keys?


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