Old limbs

They say “you’re only as old as you think you are” but that statement requires one hell of a lot of clarification, interpretation and, sometimes, out-and-out lies.
Friday night JB wanted to get some road hockey practice in before the Ray Scapinello Road Hockey Tournament today. We were invited to join some of his team members for the Exhibition Park Neighbourhood Group gym night so we went there on Friday. It was great fun and, probably due to my daily biking, I was able to do 2 1/2 hours of floor hockey and then volleyball with only some blisters to show for it. But today I was up early and helped JB do his papers. Then on to the Road Hockey tournament from 8:45 until about 1. The skies were blue but it was still really cold. The games were disappointing for the players and we the parents but at least we got to take part in an excellent activity.
Then Karen was to pick us up and we said we’d walk to meet her (since it was so cold out and we didn’t want to wait). Somehow she missed us and we didn’t see her on the way so JB and I walked about 5 klicks until she finally found us. (It was a good opportunity to talk actually!) Afterwards I almost fell asleep in the car in the parking lot while Karen was in the mall helping JA pick up his choice of CD with his birthday money. Then I organized the treasure hunt for a few of the small gifts I gave him. Here’s one of the clues I gave him:

Clue 7
*Read all instructions first*

    Try standing up on the kitchen stool
    Sing ‘Happy Birthday to Me’ loudly, 3 times in a row
    Shout out your name 5 times even louder
    Look around for a while
    Laugh when you realize you didn’t have to do all the above since the next clue is under the iMac keyboard

Great thing was that he got up on the stool and starts reading the clue. He says ‘Do I have to do this?’ but then reads on and gets off the stool and goes to the next clue. I was proud of him. I’d probably have done all the goofy stuff!
But I’m rambling on. Long story; short point and here it is: I’m bloody tired.
So I thought I was younger but I’m not: I’m exhausted and feeling my age. I’m going to bed now!

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