Fire in downtown Guelph

A fire at 2 in the morning this past Friday has destroyed a great deal of 3 buildings at the corner of Douglas Street and Wyndam Street North. These were fairly old buildings with a great deal of character, especially the Gummer building built in 1873. I stopped by the site on my way home from work and saw the extent of the damage is not exaggerated. In one location I could see that the floor above had caved in so you see the ceiling and the floor through a single window. This is a blow to the downtown in that over 20 businesses are affected, many tenants have to move and it has really given black eyes to, in my opinion, the most elegant street in Guelph (Douglas St.) I hope they can save some of the front limestone facade and that it can be rebuilt. Apparently most of the fire and smoke damage was on the top floors of the buildings whereas the bottom floors received mostly water damage.
There’s little character in most of the modern buildings in Guelph and I hate to see the old town beauty destroyed where it still remains.


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