The Lost Room

Lion’s Gate along with writers Laura Harkcom, Christopher Leone and Paul Workman have created excellent science fiction with The Lost Room (2006). The 3 segments:
The Key and the Clock
The Comb/The Box
The Eye/The Occupant

are a fascinating excursion into a modern day world with nightmare objects and bizarre occurrences. This is a 6 hour miniseries but you hardly notice the time going by as you watch glued into the pace.
Peter Krause (Joe Miller), Kevin Pollak (Karl Kreutzfeld), Julianna Margulies (Jennifer Bloom), Dennis Christopher (Dr. Martin Ruber) and Roger Bart (Howard “The Weasel” Montague) are the main cast and all do an excellent job. But my favourite characters and acting are done by Peter Jacobson as Wally Jabrowski and Ewen Bremner as Harold Stritzke. These two actors play individuals who have been able to live with their objects and, as Wally puts it, pay a terrible price.
The review I saw on the IMDB site likened this miniseries to Firefly and, although this is very different, I certainly see similarities in the way each series was engaging, well thought out and seemingly plausible. I would certainly be interested in seeing where the writers would go if they decide to do more (the ending is open ended even if Joe Miller has fulfilled his goal) although it could certainly be considered complete as it is.
A must see!


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