Data import/export (DTS) on SQL Server Express (SSE)

I saw an article by Michael Otey today that showed where the Data Import/Export Wizard (a GUI for Data Transfer Services) has been hiding on my system. I tried it and was very pleased.
I’ve been developing in SSE for over a year so why hadn’t I found it before now? It is a major short-coming of SSE. A little search on the internet just now found me an entry on the Mobile Developer blog by T R Nilse with the answer. You have to install the SQL Server Express Edition Toolkit which is something I recently did when I upgraded to SSE with Advanced Services SP2.
What’s the big deal? I had spent hours (some of it my own time) researching and tweaking the bcp utility to import an IIS log into SSE. I needed to be able to search through 16 Mb of log file for specific strings and wanted to be able to automate the process. The log was buggy and it took a lot of tweaking with command line parameters and and XML import format file to get it finally working. Then I read the Otey article, I found the DTS Wizard on my system (it’s not in the Management Studio GUI) at c:\\Microsoft SQL Server\90\DTS\Binn\dtswizard.exe. Using it took me only 10 minutes to get the log file into a table. There were still errors but the data was imported anyway. This makes my life a great deal easier!
Thanks Michael and Mr. Nilse. I thought I would blog about it today as well to get the news out.


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