How to spend a Million dollars

OK… now let’s say you won a million dollars. How would you spend it? How much would go to family and friends? How much to charity? How much to savings or paying down your debt? And what about that sweet new vehicular conveyance you’ve been lusting after (perhaps a car for you, perhaps a custom bicycle for me)?
Well the fact is that you probably don’t know how to spend it. Not really. Rest easy ’cause I’m going to make it easy for you. I’m going to tell you just how to plan it out right. Right down to the last penny. No one will be able to say that you are unprepared!
First you’ll need a spreadsheet program like Excel, Quattro Pro, Lotus or Works.
Got it? That was quick!
Now you enter 1,000,000 in a cell D4 (4th column, 4th row but I’ll just assume you’re using Excel from here on in… sorry to you rebels out there! I respect you for bucking the trend but I want to keep this golb entry short). Enter =D4-C5 in cell D5. Now go over to cell B5 and enter that conveyance you’ve already thought about since I mentioned it just now. Nice! You might want to widen the cell out of respect! OK. Now estimate the cost of said conveyance. You might have to do some research here or you might already know. Either way I can wait.
Great! That was quicker than I expected!
Now enter the amount in cell C5.
Cool, eh?
Now I think you get the idea. You can simply copy the formula in D6 down the D column and continue to fill in your values until you run out. If you’re the holder of a lottery ticket for a particular amount, just change the value in D4! You might want to put Mom and/or Dad and/or your significant other in cells B6 and/or B7 and/or B8 just in case they get a hold of this spreadsheet.
Isn’t this terrific? Just think of all that hope I just provided you!
I might want to tackle world peace using a spreadsheet next…


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