United for Africa

I chaperoned the concert United for Africa for the Guelph Youth Singers (GYS) this evening. It was a wonderful concert and for a very worthy cause. The Benefit Concert boasted the GYS with guest performers the Vancouver Children’s Choir and Jiwani African Dance and Drum Ensemble.  And the cause is to raise money to fulfill a need for $1 Million to support the Tsepong Clinic in Lesotho, Africa, until 2010. The founder and director of The Masai Centre is Anne-Marie Zajdlik. She was at the concert tonight and was introduced by Mayor Karen Farbridge. Her reading of a letter from an AIDS worker in Africa was especially open and heart-stirring. If anyone is looking for a great charity to support this would be a really great choice. The charity is a one-time thing and the Masai Centre is to be disbanded at the end of the year and they’ve raised $600,000 so far.
The concert opened with Nkosi Sikelel’I Afrika (the very beautiful South African national anthem by E.M. Sontanga) wonderfully done by my daughter’s choir. The GYS also did a few other African songs among the variety of music styles they performed. I enjoyed Food, Glorious Food by Lionel Bart, Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel (a spiritual arranged by Ken Berg) and Watsha (a Lesotho folk song arranged by Diane Loomer). The Vancouver Children’s Choir are in Guelph visiting the GYS on a SEVEC exchange program and the GYS are going to Vancouver quite soon in April.
The high energy Jiwani African Dance and Drum Ensemble were fun to watch and listen to. I was impressed with both the dancing and drumming.


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