Total Commander

If I had a list of totally, must-have programs for a PC I would absolutely put Total Commander (formerly called Windows Commander) programmed by Christian Ghisler on the top of the list. This utility program is very popular (over 23 million hits on his site and counting) and packed with features. I would hazard a guess that it has at least a dozen features you’ll swear you could never part with once you’ve spent a little time with the application (perhaps an hour?)
I started working with this application at my workplace and even though I was reluctant to learn yet another utility program I was soon very annoyed when it wasn’t loaded on a system. It is often the first app I open each day at work and the last I close.
Also, the very open API has allowed many programmers the freedom to add a long list of tools many of which are available from the web site above.
Those familiar with Norton Commander or DOS Navigator will see a familiar two pane application where you can copy files from one location to another. And each pane can have tabs and using Control-D lets you have quick access to a long list of aliases to directories so you can navigate to your favourite locations on our ever-increasing hard drives. Some of my favourite tools are the Multiple File rename, Compare by Content (and Synchronize), Calculate Occupied Space, built-in FTP access for a pane, and picture thumbnail view.
This software is shareware and available to try for 30 days. If you do buy you’ll probably find the cost very inexpensive for what you get (US$34 or CAN$50). A new version (7) will be available pretty soon (the Release Candidate is available now to try).


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