Kubla Khan

My writing a blurb on Metamorphosis the other day brought to mind several other books in my collection which I treasure for their beauty. One such book is Kubla Khan A Pop-Up Version of Coleridge’s Classic arranged by Nick Bantock who lives in Vancouver, BC. Mr. Bantock’s wonderful collage covered pop-up art accompanies verses from the poem. This is a very short book but then again the poem isn’t that long. It is an exceedingly famous poem, more, in my opinion, for the story behind its making than for the poetry itself. We feel for the loss of the Pleasure Dome and for what the poem might have been (although it is unlikely it would have been read any more than the ‘fragment’ is). It is thanks to Mr. Bantock’s many gifts that we can see images inspired by this lyric about Genghis Kahn’s grandson.
A worthy gift for a child who loves art.


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