The book Metamorphosis by Mike Wilks is subtitled ‘The ultimate spot-the-difference book‘ and I think it lives up to that reputation. It has wonderful artwork of great detail to compare but also interesting texts from a variety of sources, also matched up facing page to facing page and equally available for comparison by a discerning eye. The introduction is entertaining and an interesting way to start the book. It gives context that may be lacking if you dive right in.
I particularly enjoyed the ‘Brides & Blizzards have white in common‘ as well as ‘The Cannibal Luncheon Club‘ images.
A word of warning. These images are not for children under 10 or the squeamish or those who do not have a sense of humour. This is a “Where’s Waldo” for adults, to be sure, but one for those with an eye for art and a thirst for a challenge.


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