Emma & Persuasion (those 70’s shows)

The mini series Emma and Persuasion were produced by the BBC in the early 70’s. Interestingly enough, Persuasion, which was Jane Austen’s last novel, was made first and I think it was the better production. Emma is the more difficult series to watch since the main character (played by Doran Godwin and well done for such a difficult role) is so grating on the nerves although you do warm to her in the end after Mr. Knightly’s (John Carson is very good here) ministrations have had an effect on her. They are both interesting period pieces although I think Pride and Prejudice is by far, Austen’s best and most engaging book (and the latest movie and the mini series too for that matter). Persuasion is very well cast (Anne Firbank is wonderfully restrained as Anne Elliot and Richard Vernon does Admiral Croft exceedingly well) and set (The Cobb at Lyme, for example, although the pictures are typically washed out 70’s).
If you are an Austen fan then they are worth borrowing from the library (perhaps the only place you’ll find them).
I’ve seem the newer Emma before but I haven’t seen the new Persuasion. I would like to see them both to compare.

3 thoughts on “Emma & Persuasion (those 70’s shows)

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