The Far Country

This Australian mini series stars Michael York as Nazi doctor Carl Zlinter and Sigrid Thornton as Jennifer Morton. I enjoyed this dramatization of a book of the same name by Nevil Shute who also wrote one of my favourite books (filmed in 1959 and 2000 [although I’ve only seen the Stanley Kramer/Gregory Peck 1959 version which is amazing]) On the Beach as well as A Town Like Alice which (also made into a film twice).
The Far Country is very enjoyable and an excellent treatise on tolerance. It is deceptively easy to translate what I wrote above ‘Nazi doctor’ and have a picture painted in your mind that may be and was, for me, completely wrong. Real life is often too complex to be rendered in black and white!
Criticism of Shute tends to linger on his characteristic lack of extreme emotion. I think we are seeing the art of someone who believes in passion but one ruled by good judgment and fairness. The books aren’t lacking in emotion; they just dwell on a reasoned passion. Following the link above under this author’s name will show you someone who had a great deal of life experience: he was a very interesting guy. On the Beach, for example, is a definitely passioned plea for backing away from a possible Nuclear holocaust. The Far Country also deals with a great many issues and the mini series is a highly recommended way (if you don’t have time for the book) to be entertained and motivated to think about them. I certainly want to read more of his literature!


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