Harry Potter and The Levitating Challenge

I’m typing this to the sounds of “Concentrate” and “Focus” and “Keep it Steady” emanating from one of the kids’ favourite games: The Levitating Challenge. Basically you have a round toy with a rotating column of air and several plastic devices you mount above the path of this column. The object of the game is to keep a very light Styrofoam ball ‘levitated’ in the air all around the stage and through the devices. Click on the link above to see a picture.
I’m not typically impressed with games of this type but this one is pretty cool. It’s like a modern day version of the labyrinth game where you need to move a metal ball through a maze by controlling the level of the wooden platform itself.
My only issue is the annoying sounds. I wish there was a way to shut them off: a simple timer would have sufficed.


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