What the BLEEP Do We Know!?

My niece told me to get this movie and so I tried to get it at the library. Others must have asked for it too since I wasn’t the first on the waiting list. So anyway I finally got it and watched it…. and well… I thought it was quite funny. Like Ayn Rand’s writing or The Da Vinci Code, this is some clever imaginative work and you can take it seriously or not. But you can certainly enjoy it without believing in it. There is plenty of criticism about this here and there and over here too so you don’t have to take my word for the fact that it is pseudo-scientific whitewash.
The best part (funniest) part is at the end of the film where people are giving their references. The qualifications of Ramtha, for example, are hilarious! JZ Knight from Roswell, New Mexico is a medium, apparently, channeling an Atlantian age male warrior 35,000 years old in heavily accented English. I recall the part in the movie where she/he is talking about how males need only one fantasy before their members respond. I’m very glad Ramtha shared that gem of ancient knowledge with us… wow! Don’t know about you but that really rocks my world.
I’m a big fan of quantum physics but this film, despite the graphics, is not really as radical about physics as all that. Watch Brian Greene in The Elegant Universe if you really want your mind blown by physics. What the Bleep is too full of lies to be taken seriously but it is great comedy!


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