Ugly Betty

I’ve watched a few episodes of Ugly Betty, not thinking that I would like it (Chick Series!) But it’s fun… I am enjoying it! America Ferrera (what a great name) is terrific as Betty Suarez. It certainly isn’t reality TV (I mean TV that mimics real life as opposed to ‘reality TV’) but it is diverting. I enjoy, especially, the acting of Michael Urie (hilarious outfits!), Mark Indelicato, Tony Plana (the teleromanas are a nice touch), Ashley Jensen and Becki Newton.
What it is, of course, is a Latina version of Cinderella. And that’s OK, the womenfolk in this particular house like it and that’s good because I can enjoy it too. I enjoy romances like this. The poor girl making good. As in Pride and Prejudice. As in Bridget Jones (OK… I’m repeating myself!  Sue me!) Not every series can be as engrossing, twisted and complicated as Lost or Dead Like Me and that’s a good thing because we need some fun TV! This, My Name is Earl, Arrested Development, Six Feet Under… all fun TV.


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