The Dutch Wife

I finished The Dutch Wife by Eric McCormack last night (thanks Boom for the loan of the book!) This book is a delight and appeals on many levels to me. I like the travel, the early thinkers and the local stuff (it’s based in ‘Camberloo’ which is really Waterloo, where I went for my Bachelor’s degree). In fact, the author sat in on a creative writing course I took way back when with then Writer-in-Residence Susan Musgrave.
The lives of Thomas Vanderlinden and his two fathers and the Dutch Wife, his mother, were fascinating! Like the Life of Pi this book makes me believe all that transpired. It seems too strange and wonderful for fiction. If it is fiction then I have to congratulate Eric’s skill and imagination. If it isn’t I want to learn more about Vatua and Rowland Vanderlinden and see Eric’s house.
Recommended very highly. I’d certainly suggest this for our book club.


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