Pending Breakdown

Freewheel wobbling
my tired bike
urges me on
to a rusty air pump
and then
to home
where we both rest

where my weekend
is so long
i forget
looming Monday

until it’s too late

can i get another
few commutes
out of her?

but I get ahead
of myself
i must rest
stay up late
hope for sleeping in
but it is
Sunday night




1 thought on “Pending Breakdown”

  1. Actually it’s not pending as I post this… my breakdown happened today as I madly cycled to one of my daughter’s Kiwanis performances. I was able to slowly bike it anyway and got there just before the end of the first song. Later on, I biked home and just as I hit my driveway the rear tire deflated… on a wing and a prayer! Now I’ve got to find a new bike and preferably before tomorrow morning.

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