V is for Vendetta; the movie

That’s right. I’ve seen the movie, although it took a long time before my library hold came up. I discussed V is for Vendetta in a comment to my post about the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen a while back. I’ve read the graphic novel by Alan Moore since that comment.
The book was excellent and the movie was … well just not in the same league. They changed the ending in the movie so that it isn’t Finch who kills V… , he’s killed as the result of a shoot out. V simply stands still and let’s Creedy’s Fingermen shoot him up. I found it very unsatisfactory compared to the book. I found that V’s ability to inspire was the real power of the story… the movie plot was too pat. No room for chance or the involvement of others. The movie has many Fawkes-garbed people marching on the houses of parliament in the end… and they don’t do a damn thing. They just stand there. An empty shadow of the insurrection in the book.
Oh the movie is a violent and colourful adventure which is entertaining.  It’s worth getting out of the library, but getting the book out of the library, well that’s a better move.


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