Cellular Distopia

Listened to a podcast yesterday about GMail Mobile and how many things you could do with your cellular… you can even open your attachments! This made me realize once again just how glad I am that I have never owned one. Aside from the health concerns (that’s back in the news again and stirring up a predictable controversy I see) I just don’t understand why people need to be so connected. Don’t they enjoy quiet time?
And, of course, you could argue that you need it for emergencies. But shouldn’t we rely on our own wits? It’s not as if we live in an isolated area (and if you do, the cellular probably doesn’t work there anyway).
Maybe it’s just me. I like that quiet space in my own head and don’t mind if I do spend time there, thank you very much. I had to carry a cell phone on several temporary occasions, years ago, when I was on call since I was working as an IT guy for a bank. And I had to wear a pager always. I hated every minute of it and was very happy when I moved on to a different employer. That feeling of freedom when I walked out of that office without that pager attached to my hip!
Hey. Don’t get me wrong. I like technology as much as the next guy and would never consider myself a Luddite… but there’s a limit. And paying for my own cellu-leash is way across that particular boundary.
PS: I wonder if my brother will lend me his cellular, to phone home, this year when we go on our annual guy’s weekend away. I love you bro!


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