The BNL zero footprint tour

I’m a huge fan of The Barenaked Ladies and the podcast I heard today reaffirms my thoughts about how cool they are. The BNL tour this year is supposed to have a zero footprint for Carbon emissions by partnering with a Toronto not-for-profit company called Zerofootprint (they also have a Carbon footprint calculator if you’re interested).
The way this works is that they have calculated the carbon footprint of their tour (C emitted) by their use of transport (they’re on their way from Ottawa to NYC –for the Letterman show tomorrow night– right now according to their blog which isn’t working very well I might add… hey Steven… your java calendar tool on the blog isn’t working right).  So they’ve calculated it all out and then Zerofootprint are going to assure that a sufficient number of trees will be grown (indefinitely… I wonder how they can be sure of that! Remind you of anything… much closer and in Guelph?) in BC to compensate.  I think it’s a great initiative and applaud it!


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