Drifting Snow

Driving snow
the civilized
2 dark ribbons
low fast currents of snow
and the feel of the road
the tires & suspension, tie rods, steering column, powered steering wheel
is just
not there.

Easy to freak out.
Easy to wipe out.

Easy to leave
that comfort
and journey into
the difficult
the real
the world outside our

Reliance hah!
Re: Lie

and of course there is one
is to relax
is not to over

to believe

I believe

in our great civil
ization yes it’s s
o there for me &
can’t lose faith!!
Can’t lose faith!!

Relief floods
as I return from
windswept country roads
to the city
to the supernatural anesthetist

Yes back home
liquor store so soothingly
on the way
gas bar only a few blocks

And those icicles need
to be broken off with
that broken hockey stick
and the driveway plow clog
needs addressing
but first some warmth
no, son, sledding can wait,
we’ll go tomorrow.
I promise.
I need to get warm
need that Pina Colada

Maybe I’ll just write
something first.


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