The movie Rope, directed by Alfred Hitchcock in 1948, was astonishing. And it is especially so when you add the fact that it based on a true story. Woah! The concept of murder as an art or intellectual form is so bizarre. We’re used to seeing crimes of passion in our Hollywood and Cable daze but to see a murder done so cold blooded? Again, woah!  It’s so well done even if the screenwriter had interesting criticisms of it in the special features.
Karen wasn’t sure if Jimmy Stewart was right to play the ‘intellectual father’ of the crime Rupert Cadell but I don’t know. It’s weird to see him in a role where he isn’t the nice guy he was type-cast in usually. Perhaps that’s another reason why Hitchcock was such a genius. He could see beyond the Hollywood gloss. This was the first of 3 collaborations between these 2 giants. Rear Window and Vertigo were to follow which are the more famous and both of which I’ve seen and been impressed by. This earlier work was new to me.
One thing that struck me was one of the special features on the DVD. Apparently Hitch spent some time in Germany working in the German film industry in technical capacities which seems to be left out of his wikipedia entry. I hadn’t heard that before but the point they were trying to make was that Hitchcock’s film-making was imbued with much more than directorial genius… he was a veritable cinematic polymath. He knew everything to do with the movies.


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  1. neath says:

    I think Rope is great. Perhaps the cool reception was because the film really is an intellectual exercise- no real blood or fights or “hero” or “girl” to be won. It probably made people more uncomfortable in ways they may not have been willing to admit to in those days. But Hitchcock sure made amends for that with “psycho” which may have been his most in your face film ever.


    PS. Thanks for adding Walking Turcot Yards to your blogroll!

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