Blood Donation in the land of free Health Care

No one is paid in Ontario for their blood when they donate to Canadian Blood Services. I go regularly but this isn’t just altruism… our wonderful Health Care system here in Canada needs all the support it can get. It’s something I can easily do. I also think there are health benefits to giving blood, although I don’t really have anything more than my own and anecdotal impressions about this.
But I do feel better a few days after giving blood. It gives my body a great chance to renew itself from those blood making centres in my spine. It’s almost like I’m living the life of a warrior who regularly loses blood in the heat of battle without having to live through the horrors of a war. I hate feeling the needle go in and out and don’t feel 100% right after giving blood (sometimes a cold arm, or a prickly sensation, or even light headedness) but after riding home from the clinic I usually relax with some wine or a belt of something else (which works real fast — there’s an added bonus!)
My folks talk about how great is to donate down in Florida but the money comes from somewhere and I’d rather not have to pay through the nose for a transfusion if I really need one.

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