In the Groove

I wrote the other day about what Roald Dahl thought about being a writer.  I’ve been putting a lot of my spare time lately into one of my stories which has the working title “Shadows”.  It’s going great:  I’m in the groove and on a roll.  Nearly every night this week I’ve been staying up late at the downstairs computer immersed in that world.  It is a very creative feeling:  working on the rough draft of something completely new!  I have to tear myself away from it to get to bed in time for a sufficient night’s sleep before my next day’s work.  This is some of the worst weather I’ve had for biking into the office which is just as well since I can lose myself in details of the Shadows plot while I slog it out.  I just don’t have enough time to do everything I want to do.  There’s nothing like keeping busy to make you feel vital!

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