2nd Opinion

A blog (or a golb) is all about opinion IMHO. What else is there, really? You can say you read something in a book or heard something in a lecture but this was merely the author’s or the prof’s opinion. And, of course, you may not recall it correctly. But was it true? As Pontius Pilate once said to Christ (although how we learned this little tidbit, I don’t know, since who was there from Jesus’ followers to witness it? … perhaps a Greek scribe who had became a Christian years later? It certainly sounds like a Greek type of question. It’s an interesting queston though) “What is truth?” Well? Even if Pilate didn’t say it, it remains a very valid query. Truth? Facts? Perhaps everything just boils down to opinion.
I’ve heard many people complain about blogs (golbs) saying that that these are merely opinion. Often people in the media complain loudly. Well aren’t editorials in the New York Times or Toronto Globe opinion? So, also, are many of the articles you see in the paper, the last word on a TV news program and many of those interesting and unbelievable headlines you see while waiting in line at the grocery till. Perhaps those people in the media complaining about bloggers (golbers) are just looking out for No. 1 and trying not to lose any more of their opinion market share.
Perhaps there are varying levels of opinion. Some more worthy than others. But I think, and yes this is my opinion, that it is really just another matter of trust. There is likely nothing wrong (or right) with opinion. But since you don’t trust me, it’s just my opinion. You don’t think it worthy or you can’t trust my point of view.  And I’m OK with that.
In fact, I feel I really need a second opinion about the whole matter.


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