Superman Returns

Did we need another movie to satisfy our comic lust? Obviously the answer is yes. We can’t get enough superheroes. I suppose each and every one of us harbours a strong desire to be more than human. To be different than the person we are, the baggage we’ve girded ourselves with, the stranger in the mirror who does unpredictable, often foolish but only sometimes amazing things.
And so Yes. Of course Superman Returns. Of course another plunge into the awe inspiring. And I have to say I enjoyed the experience. It took quite a while for my name to come up in the queue at the library but I was able to watch it tonight. And I’d like to watch it yet again.
The plot was simple but interesting. I was disappointed the DVD had no special features but I suppose that will come later (sigh… another long wait if it ever comes to the library). There could have been more about Superman’s search and perhaps a flashback about leaving Earth to find Krypton. But… this movie does not make the same mistakes as Superman 3 or 4… it works well and is as super, if not more, than Superman 1 and 2! Brandon Routh makes a great Kal-El and fills Christopher Reeve‘s super boots very nicely (a fitting tribute just 2 years after his death).
Hollywood is, I believe, getting smarter about the superhero film making business. The Spiderman series is excellent as is Batman Begins. Perhaps they’ve learned that hokey films aren’t what the public are really after. We really want that superhuman feeling and it’s not really a joke. It may be funny once or twice but I don’t really have much desire to revisit those bad superhero movies.  Whereas this new batch… I want the DVD’s.  Well… as long as they have special features!


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