Can a comedy remain funny if watching it is more a test of endurance than enjoyment? Well… I’m still not so sure. But I am sure I don’t want to to see this movie again anytime soon. It’s kinda like the Passion of Mel: an experience to see once but ouch… I don’t want to see that again. But… The ‘but’ is that I’m still thinking about it.
I can remember all kinds of funny bits in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan but there are also parts that make me cringe and wish I had had control of a fast forward.
It’s amazing how Sacha Baron Cohen is able to seemingly convince people that he’s on the level. I say ‘seemingly’ because, in truth, we aren’t watching this performance live. There was a camera man and he or she was there when Cohen was destroying the antique shop. There was a crew filming him walking down the highway. There was a camera in the Mobile Home. C’mon! So how much of this movie is fake and how much is real? And all those law suits? Nice publicity if anyone asks me.
But fake or not, does it matter?
Well that’s a good question. Does it matter? Hmmm.
The film does bring out a rather ugly mirror to western society… and often in a funny way. Perhaps it forces us to re-evaluate our preconceptions and assumptions. Just maybe. You know! One of those ‘the truth may set you free but it can put you through the wringer doing it’ sort of things… And Cohen is amazing at accents and characterizations.
I don’t know. I saw it several weeks ago and took this long to golb about it. Maybe I need to think it over some more. I mean that bathing suit for the sunbathing at the beginning… that’s hilarious. But I can’t say the same for the wrestling scene in the hotel. Shudder!


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