Lost – 2nd season

I have finally finished watching the 2nd season of Lost. It took me a while because I’m been having to borrow it out of the library and the line-up to do so has been horrendous and I had to be in that line-up 3 times since they broke the 7 disk set into 2 boxes and only lend it out for a week at a time. Breathe now!  But I’m finally finished and I have to say that I loved it all. I’m going to have to wait for the 3rd season to come out now and that will be agonizing but at least I have something to look forward to!
It’s a complicated show in that it attempts to keep quite a few stories going on about the past lives of the main characters as well as the bizarre intrigue of their present day life on the island. I particularly enjoy how the economical use of actors in scenes for characters’ past segments leads to such an interesting mix of coincidences and interconnectedness. I read today that the show may be finishing up either this season or in the next and I think that’s wise. It is just too complicated a mess of plots to keep up for too long and, as the article indicated, keeping on a really good season like theX-Files for too long leads to poor results. I’m going to enjoy <getting> Lost while it lasts!


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