Raptors 96 Mav’s 97

The family and I did something completely unusual for us and went to see the Raptors and Mavericks in yesterday’s NBA game at the Toronto Air Canada Centre. This was the first NBA game and event at the ACC for any of us and it was very enjoyable.
First of all the venue is incredible with seating for nearly 20,000. It looks a lot bigger on the inside than it does from the outside (it must go down into the ground quite a ways). I would be very interested in seeing how it changes over to being the Leaf’s arena from a hardwood court.
Second of all it was a tremendously exciting game. The Raptors took an early lead and didn’t relinquish it except for two short periods in the 4th quarter. They had a 16 point lead at one point. The Raptors certainly made it look like they were more than the opposition for most of the game. But basketball is often a game that comes down to the last quarter. This particular game wasn’t decided until only 0.7 seconds remained on the clock. The Raptors lost energy in the end (they just weren’t sinking the ball) and the Mav’s coach used Time-outs to advantage. I was particularly impressed with Chris Bosh, Anthony Parker, T.J. Ford and especially the gutsy Jorge Garbajosa. Dallas players Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry were exciting to watch too. All in all it was a very enjoyable game even if the Raptors lost.
A bonus third was the half-time show called Acrobazia involving two incredibly talented acrobats. Their slow and steadily controlled performance was amazing to watch.
Justin was selected to greet the players as they entered the court with other members of the High Five club.  He was nonplussed but I think he enjoyed the attention.  Another bit of fun was seeing the Raptor’s mascot toboggan done some concrete stairs in the stands to the floor. Who needs snow?


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