Change in the Climate

Climate change is certainly a topic front and centre with many people these days as our weather remains so flamboyantly changed. But has it? Scientifically it is difficult to say. Climate measures long term trends whereas weather is just the activity in the atmosphere happening right now. So weather is a fleeting thing and a terrific subject for conversation because of it. But when you want to talk about global warming then you are in the realm of climate. So is the earth warming? Will it bring on another ice age?  Is it our fault?
I don’t think anyone really knows. Anecdotally it seems that the weather is getting warmer. I look outside today (January 2) and I see green grass outside in my Southern Ontario city. Now it’s truth that we have had many green Christmas and New Year’s Days but it seems that we’re seeming less and less of those White Christmas Bing Cosby used to dream about. And, of course, we all have our own favourite codger describing his or her walking barefoot uphill in 6-foot snow both on the way to and from school and that we just don’t know “how lucky you are”. 
Personally, I miss the snow. I have more of a break this holiday season due to the generosity at my workplace so I would have liked to have done more outdoor activities like cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, tobogganing or skating… but alas the only thing I’ve been able to do is go for some bike rides, one long walk and daily tai chi on my friend’s front yard (thank you for honking all those of you Edinburgh Rd. commuters).
So I’ve gained some weight and it’s all the fault of the damn climate change. I say damned deliberately… things are, after all, getting hotter…


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2 Responses to Change in the Climate

  1. Q-Miester says:

    I’m personally disappointed that your new years eve adventures, shared with us, didn’t make it into your blog. Though all your video watches and basket ball games have! Disappointed! 😦

  2. tgrignon says:

    Ahh Mr. Q! New Year’s was fun in Toronto but do you really want the intimate details splashed all over the internet? The foccacia dripping with oil? The lasagna? The port? The hors d’oeuvres? The chocolate fondue? The long walk to the liquor store (with Justin finding $20) and returning with nothing more than a burning desire for hard cider? I can’t inflict that upon unsuspecting readers who have stumbled on to Golbing by mistake or router error… my God man… what are you thinking? There are kids out there!

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