Barnyard: The Original Party Animals

Barnyard (2006) is a fun animated movie for both kids and adults. It was easily worthy of one of my free new release coupons at Blockbuster (thanks Pavlina!) Sam Elliott, in particular, shines as the voice for Ben the Cow but almost every character is well voiced. Other favourite voices are Danny Glover as Miles the Mule, Wanda Sykes as Bessy the Cow, Andie MacDowell as Etta the Hen, Jeffrey Garcia as Pip the Mouse, Cam Clarke as Freddy the Ferret, Tino Insana as Pig the Pig, with a big ‘yo’ to the Jersey cows: S. Scott Bullock (Eddy the Cow), John Di Maggio (Bud the Cow also as Officer O’Hanlon), Maurice LaMarche (Igg the Cow).
This is a movie that has non-challenging artwork but the film easily makes up for it with a very well crafted story with lots of nuance, surprise and humour that doesn’t fall short of expectation. The subplot involving Snotty Boy (one of three characters voiced by director Steve Oedekerk) was nothing short of hilarious. And I just loved the Mrs. Beady character (voiced by Maria Bamford).
Another favourite scene is near the end with the Miles the Mule character using very creative instrumentation to do one of my favourite songs, Freedom is a Voice, by Bobby McFerrin from my most cherished album of his music Bang! Zoom. A very powerful song and beautifully chosen for a touching moment in the film.
A very enjoyable movie for the Christmas break period that I would not mind buying at all!


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