Les Triplettes de Belleville

This 2003 movie is a fabulous feast for the eyes and ears. I say ears even though the human characters hardly say anything but there is still lots of subtle and not-so-subtle things to hear. But even without the dialogue this remains a movie about people and gets its message across with hardly any words.  It is easily among the most imaginative animation films in my viewing experience.
I would recommend it to anyone although some might be offended by a small amount of nudity at the beginning of the film. Just hide your eyes (or look like you are) for a minute or so, kids, ’cause you won’t want to miss the rest of the film.
My favourite things about the film are the crazy visual proportions (the mafia hit men, the buildings and especially the ocean liners) that are so extravagant and funny. Also, the people and animals are portrayed as caricatures where almost everyone is excessively fat (most of the people in the city of Belleville) or impossibly thin (the cyclists). I love the instruments and cuisine of the triplets and the very dog-like Bruno. And of course, the chase scene with the captured cyclists, triplets and Meme (Champion’s grandmother) is absolutely laugh-out-loud nuts.
But what glues the film together is the incredibly love of Madame Souza for Champion and her determination to keep him happy no matter what cost.  This is definitely one for the DVD shelf.


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