David Mamet’s Edmond is billed as a thriller but I didn’t find it had anything thrilling about it. It was a terrible movie with terrible acting. I borrowed it from the library (at least I didn’t have to pay for it) but I wish I hadn’t. William H. Macy is an actor I normally enjoy but I found him extremely wooden in this movie as the lead character Edmond Burke. The characterization of a man moving rapidly from the prison of a drab corporate life and upper middle-class marriage to the prison of a prison was excessively thin. To the point of being transparent. The portrayal of the laughably naive Burke’s descent through the porn and crime drenched underbelly of a American city is depressing and boring. The only acting I enjoyed was Canadian Frances Bay who played a fortune teller:  the entire scene is shown in the deleted scenes on the DVD was good.
My advice… steer clear of this movie.


1 thought on “Edmond”

  1. I see an excellent analog to this movie in American Beauty. But in that movie it works. You could say that the main characters are very different in that they don’t descend to the same depth but I think that is only a matter of scale.

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