The tagic loss of a limb
was by no means used as excuse by Willy
to shirk service as a volunteer
spotter in the 13th annual Frisco Macaroni Toss.

His job was
of course
to ensure that all the colored macaroni
tossed by color-matched contestants
remained on the ground
until measured even if the crowds lining Lombard Street
kept trying to get their souvenirs.

But Willy was no fool
and used his lack of an arm
to heroic lengths to bring
a virtuous guilt
to all who would dare dart into the street
for a pasta reward.

Unfortunately he
slipped while hauling a teenager back from an heroic green
colored macaroni thrown by one Olmot E. Brule
which was a potential winner
from as far as Willy could make out.
Even though the street was precipitous
his slip of the foot
may have been prevented by a well placed arm
but no… it was not to be.

Visitation on Monday.
Funeral on Tuesday.
Donations to the War Amps of America.


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