I enjoyed Frank Coraci and Adam Sandler’s Click movie more than I expected.

It is one of those surreal family comedy movies that seeks to show you what the important things in life are. That is a message that is, of course, true in an ideal world that has no complications. And we don’t really live there, but I digress.

The movie is fun and does seek to be a little more than just a mindless entertainment. Adam Sandler retains his rough edges in the movie but there is some good acting there. Christopher Walken plays his own parody so well and that is not a surprise (although it was a big help for the film); I’m a yuge fan. Kate Beckinsale did a great job and I especially enjoyed Joseph Castanon (Ben Newman – Age 7) and Tatum McCann (Samantha Newman – Age 5). They were great. I also thought David Hasselhoff (Sandler’s boss Mr. Ammer) was an excellent Boss-Jerk!

The movie is out on DVD now and is worth renting.

After seeing the movie, you could continue on the Click theme and tune into YouTube and catch DCLugi’s short parody. It is excellent!


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