Norman Bethune was a remarkable man and deserves a definite place in history as original thinker, skilled doctor, innovative inventor and generous humanitarian.  If you haven’t heard of him, read on or click on any of the links above and below and learn about a very interesting character or check out your local library.  Let me know what you find.

Some other interesting links:

Events in the Life and Death of Norman Bethune


Henry Norman Bethune born March 3 in Gravenhurst to Malcolm Nicholson Bethune & Elizabeth Ann Goodwin Bethune


Dr. Norman Bethune Sr. dies penniless in Toronto


Bethune family moves to Beaverton


Bethune family moves around in next years from Toronto to Aylmer to Blind River


asked to be called Norman instead of Henry


begins secondary school in Sault Ste. Marie


graduates secondary school in Owen Sound and goes to Algoma to work as a lumberjack


takes teaching position at Edgely (N. of Toronto) then goes to UofT to study Physiology & Biochem


works as labourer/teacher for Frontier College at Whitefish, Georgian Bay


in summer works as a reporter for Winnipeg Telegram and in fall to UofT to study medicine


enlists as private soldier in No.2 Field Ambulance Medical Corps on Sept. 8


arrives in France as stretcher-bearer and goes to front line with 1st Can. Division at Ypres, Belgium; wounded and sent to England; in Nov returns to UofT’s accelerated medical program


receives BMed in Dec and begins private practice in Stratford


joins the Royal Navy as Surgeon-Lieutenant on H.M.S. Pegasus (aircraft carrier)


interns at Hospital for Sick Children in London, England; then returns to practice in Stratford & Ingersoll


joins new Canadian Air Force as Flight-Lieutenant in medical service; also does surgical training in Weston London Hospital; then Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh; meets Frances Penney


elected Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons and returns to London as Resident Surgical Officer


marries Frances Penney on Aug. 13 and they spend 6 months travelling in Europe


brief study at Mayo Clinic; then opens an office in Detroit; Frances leaves Norman


teaches at Detroit College of Medicine & Surgery; diagnosed with TB


Frances divorces Norman; undergoes artificial pneumothorax to treat his TB


receives lab research training in New York; then goes to Montreal to train as thoracic surgeon at Royal Victoria Hospital


Frances and Norman remarry


catalogue of medical supplies features full page of his own modified surgical instruments; lectures in American Southwest


acting head, thoracic surgery at Herman Keifler Hospital, Detroit; Frances divorces him a 2nd time


appointed Chief of Pulmonary Surgery and Bronchoscopy at l’Hopital du Sacre-Coeur in Cartierville near Montreal


opens up free medical clinic for unemployed in Montreal


goes to Leningrad & Moscow for International Physiological Congress; joins Communist Party of Can.


forms Children’s Art School of Montreal; joins group which establishes Servico Canadiense de Transfusion de Sangre (first mobile blood transfusion service in the world) in Madrid during Spanish Civil War


starts Can. funded orphanages for children of war; returns to Can. for hero’s welcome and goes on 3-month tour to raise funds for blood unit and orphanages; in fall organizes Can-Amer Mobile Med. Unit to go to China


arrives in Hong Kong; makes 14 month journey to Chin-kang K’u; meets Mao; opens hospital at Sung-yen K’ou which is destroyed; concentrates on mobile medical facilities, training of new medical personnel and creation of basic medical tools.


mobile units working well & Bethune plans to return to Can. to raise $; medical school and model hospital opened in Sept. at Nin-Yen K’ou; during inspection tour cuts finger while performing surgery on Oct. 28; dies of blood poisoning on Nov. 12 at Huangshikou (Yellow Stone Pass)


body moved to Chu-ch’eng to lie in state where 10,000 people pay respects


body moved to park in Schijiazhuang; model hospital from Nin-Yen K’ou moved across road and renamed Norman Bethune International Peace Hospital

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