Guelph Municipal Elections

Tuesday, I woke up and it was a wonderful day! Guelph has a new lease on life with the return of only 3 councillors. This past city council was divisive and close-minded in the extreme and so I am very glad to see such a sea change and a return to the previous mayor! Some councillors would leave chambers when anyone came to speak before them with whom they did not agree. I am very happy to see that many of them found out that the voice of the people they represent is something they ignore at their own peril.

And don’t even get me started on our old mayor, Kate Quarrie. She may have been a nice person but she was cetainly not leader enough to actually get the council to cooperate to get any job done. I am very glad to see Karen Farbridge return. She is the one to get back our city back on track to well managed and carefully considered growth as opposed to letting development run rampant.

The shameful way our innovative wet garbage composting physical plant was neglected was criminal and I’m glad that the new council seems committed to getting it working again and hopefully before the Ontario government legislates that all cities should go this way!


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