I attended one film at the Guelph International Film Festival this year and that was Wal-Town, a documentary about some protesters who go on a coast to coast trip trying to inform Wal-Mart shoppers about the choices they are making by shopping there.  It was a very well crafted documentary.  More than simply a ‘down with Wal-Mart’ diatribe, this documentary puts you into the heart, mind and guts of some highly committed individuals who actually try to do something.  Their action takes its toll and it was fascinating to see how the protesters struggle with trying to get their message out and what lines they are willing to cross to do that.  I would highly recommend it.

The Guelph International Film Festival, by the way, had a lot of great venues and stuff to see.  I would probably have gone to see more but it gets pricey to see things individually and I couldn’t afford the time to use a pass for the whole event.


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2 Responses to Wall-Town

  1. M says:

    This movie is horrid. The “Protesters” use arguments that are so vague and fluffed up with “intelligent speech” that the watcher/listener has no idea what they are truly saying… which is that they have no argument. Poor movie, horrible arguments…

  2. tgrignon says:

    Obviously we were affected in different ways by this documentary. I was moved enough by the film so that I participated much more in the following two film festivals and I have also refrained from crossing the door of the local Wal-Mart since it opened.
    This may be a case where we simply come to this with completely different backgrounds and biases or there may be more than the usual flaws with the film. Can you provide an example of what you mean by “intelligent speech” to back up your argument?

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